Integrate Comfort

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Nest Notifications

Each time you come or go, a notification will appear, allowing you to adjust your Nest Learning Thermostat™ to the desired temperatures that you specified within the Kevo app.

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One Touch Temperature Control

The Kevo app seamlessly integrates with your Nest account. After you get connected, you will be able to set your "Home" temperatures for each Nest mode ( Heat, Cool, and Heat-Cool ).

By using Kevo's Touch-To-Open® technology, the Nest thermostat will recognize when you have entered your home and offer to adjust the temperature accordingly. When you leave your home and lock your Kevo, you will have the ability to set your Nest Thermostat back to the "Away" temperatures that you specified during your Nest Thermostat setup.

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Set Temperatures For Multiple Users

The power of integrating the Nest Thermostat + Kevo means owners will now be able to extend personalized temperature settings to admin eKey holders as well. These personalized preferences will truly make the home automation experience seamless for you and your family.


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